11 – 12 Months

11 – 12 Months

I’m a Happy Baby  



It’s almost one year and you are probably wondering, “Where has the time gone?”  It is going by so quickly!  Your little one is more likely doing all kinds of amazing things everyday while watching everything that you do.  This baby box includes items that acknowledges your growing baby.  Around this time, some babies are transitioning from bottles to cups.  You and baby will enjoy all the things in this one!


Items included in this box are:


  • Baby Book
  • Bapron
  • 360 Wonder Cup
  • Crinkle toy
  • Super spoon
  • Happy Birthday Card
  • Milestone cards and more!


BapronBaby's unique ezClean fabric is an eco-friendly polyester that is treated for total waterproof protection and maximum stain resistance.  Think bib + apron!  It contour your little ones body and allow for a comfortable fit up to 3T clothing. The Bapron allows your baby to play freely with their food or sensory activities.  Self-feeding SuperSoon is a wide handle and soft grip that makes it easy for toddlers to hold and feed themselves. Made of BPA-free soft silicon, it’s gentle on your little’s one delicate gums and teeth but deep enough to secure foods like soup, yogurt, cereal and more. 

  • Purchase Information

    All boxes can be ordered individually or as part of a 1-year subscription.  This is the sixth box to be shipped when ordered as part of a subscription.  Images are not an exact replica as contents may vary. Products listed will be included in each box.