7 – 8 Months

7 – 8 Months

Half-way to One

We are half way to baby’s first birthday! Wow.  I bet the time is just flying by.  Your baby may have their first tooth by now.  Believe it or not, babies can get cavities.  Therefore, wiping their teeth with a damp cloth or brushing with a finger toothbrush is key.  This box will help with that and offers a variety of items that you will simply love. 


Items included in this box are:


  • Roll 'N' Go Bib
  • Brushies book
  • Brain Builder toy
  • Baby spoon
  • Baby toothbrush
  • Baby onesie
  • Milestone cards and more!     

For babies & small children, brushing can be difficult. With the Brushies book, you can integrate creative play & storytelling at an early age.  Make daily habits become educational and easy. 

  • Purchase Information

    All boxes can be ordered individually or as part of a 1-year subscription.  This is the fourth box to be shipped when ordered as part of a subscription.  Images are not an exact replica as contents may vary. Products listed will be included in each box.