1 – 2 Months

1 – 2 Months

Welcome Baby!


Our ‘Welcome Baby’ box includes essential items that you’ll need for your little one. Don’t get caught off guard missing crucial things at the last minute. Order this box and have a peace of mind knowing you got the basics covered.


Items included in this box are:


  • Baby bottle
  • Pacifiers
  • Bottle brush
  • Pacifier clip
  • Baby bottom buddy
  • Bottle brush bib
  • Milestone cards and more!


The items in this Baby Box are important for your baby. The bottles are used to feed your baby and have the added benefit of being BPA free.  The pacifiers are designed to help to soothe and calm your baby.  The bottle brush is used to clean baby bottles.  Tired of getting diaper cream everywhere? The Baby Bottom Buddy turns the messy multi-step process of applying diaper cream into one simple step. Fill the applicator with your favorite ointment—it works with any cream or paste – and you’re set for at least 50 mess-free diaper changes.  Bottle brush bib is made of 100% silicone and is multifunctional.  It's protective barrier protects the user from splash back when washing bottles. Great for Mommy and Daddy.  Also serves as a toddler placemat when eating; sit hot dishes on or pick up hot dishes with. Your choice!!

  • Purchase Information

    All boxes can be ordered individually or as part of a 1-year subscription.  This is the first box to be shipped when ordered as part of a subscription.  Images are not an exact replica as contents may vary. Products listed will be included in each box.