3 – 4 Months

3 – 4 Months

Teething N’ Things 

Soothe baby’s irritable, swollen and inflamed gums by ordering this baby box. Connect with the products both you and Baby love. Most babies begin to teethe between 4-7 months old. The process of teething may cause some discomfort for Baby as they get their first set of teeth.  Around this time, it’s great to have baby do some Tummy Time with their new Crinkle Tag Square blanket, also included in this box. 


Items included in this box are:


  • Crinkle Tag Square blanket
  • Diaper Bag Dispenser with Bags
  • Baby Toy Activity Ring with mirror
  • Teething Toy
  • Scrub a dubdub
  • Milestone cards and more!


Baby Box PRO-TIP: All of these items can be stowed in your Baby Bag for your next trip or adventure. Never get stuck without the proper cleaning tools again! The roll of diaper bags are scented and keeps those smelly odors contained.  Scrub a dubdub is a bath brush and soap dispenser in one. Fill the Scrub-a-dubdub with any type of baby approved liquid soap and then squeeze yourway to a squeaky-clean baby. Trade wet wash cloths and fumbling with a slippery soap bottle for this simple one-step brush.

  • Purchase Information

    All boxes can be ordered individually or as part of a 1-year subscription.  This is the second box to be shipped when ordered as part of a subscription.  Images are not an exact replica as contents may vary. Products listed will be included in each box.