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Travel With Your Baby....I Did!

I LOVE TO TRAVEL. I’ve been to a few countries and have a lot more left on my bucket list. I want to see the world! Learn of diverse cultures, meet interesting people and taste different foods. I always thought that staring a family would put a halt to my traveling. I feared being the family that every passenger on the plane hope the empty seats next to them didn’t belong to. As, I was that person.

SO, my husband Rich and I were going to put of travelling for a couple of years. Believing that it would be better to wait until Bria was 2 or 3 years old. While I was pregnant, I read blogs and articles about traveling with a baby. I also watched YouTube videos of parents documenting their experience. This helped change my perspective on travelling with my baby. I felt that it is doable.

Bria’s first trip on a plane was to Jamaica, when she was 3 months old. I am of Jamaican heritage and my husband is Jamaican, so we are familiar with the island. She was a breeze to travel with. Wasn’t fussy during transport, slept through the flight and even slept through the night. For convenience and comfort, we stayed at an all-inclusive resort.

Bria's Trip to Florida!

We recently took a trip to Florida with Bria being 9 months old. Again, she was a good travelling partner. Of course, with her being older she is more aware of her surroundings and bore quickly. But there is always something or someone that captures her attention.

Here are some tips from my experience that may help you if you plan to travel with your little one.

TIP 1 – Check with the airline to confirm you can check on your car seat and stroller for free. I have traveled with JetBlue and United and it was free.

TIP 2 – Before booking your accommodations, confirm if a crib or bassinet can be provided for your baby. Also, bring a crib sheet and a few small toys. This may help to make it easier for your baby to adjust to the new environment. For Bria, we also played instrumental lullaby music from our phone.

TIP 3 – Invest in a lightweight stroller. It made getting around easy. We have the Graco Jetsetter Lightweight Stroller. The stroller converts into a small, one-hand, ultra-compact fold that is convenient. It also came with a tote-style carry bag to put it in when not in use.

TIP 4 – Carry your baby. At the airport, we checked on our luggage, stroller and car seat at the counter. My husband put on the infant carrier and carried Bria on his chest. I believe carrying your baby makes it so much easier to go through TSA, as you do NOT have to take it off or remove your baby. You go through the metal detector with baby on you and then proceed to your gate.

TIP 5 – Be sure to have your diaper bag packed with enough essentials for your baby and a change of clothes.

TIP 6 – During take-off and landing, have your baby suck on something. Either their pacifier, nurse your baby or bottle feed. This will help avoid pressure building in their tiny ears.

TIP 7 – For crawling babies - Ask housekeeping for extra sheets. Spread the sheet on the floor for baby to crawl around. My hubby came up with this idea. We moved the center table out the room and created a little play space for Bria so that she was not confined to the pack and play.

TIP 8 – Stick to your routine! Certain things are beyond your control while on vacation. But sticking as close as possible to your usual routine, especially bedtime, is ideal for baby. This will help prevent big adjustments when you go back home.

I HOPE these tips help you when travelling with your family. If there is anything else that you would like to know, comment below. Happy and safe travels!

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