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The Concept Behind Baby Steps Baby Box

With so many baby products on the market, it can be:



3) OVERWHELMING, plus expensive, to find the “right” products for you and your baby.

You catch my drift! 

NOW, the concept behind Baby Steps Baby Box is: more than just baby products packaged into a cute box with a cute logo (Yes, isn’t it cute?). Each signature Baby Box contains products from well known and reputable brands that stand by their products; highly rated amongst fellow parents, and most importantly, safe for your baby. 

OUR MISSION is to help new parents determine what works for them and save time on researching products, returning unwanted items and wasting money. 

YOUR TIME IS VALUABLE! It’s truly one thing that we do not get back, and believe me, as a mother myself, time seems to move faster as I watch my daughter grow.  She is now 11 months and she amazes me every day.  From her first roll to now walking!

During my pregnancy, I researched so many things:  “What’s the best pacifier?”, “What’s the best baby bottle?”, “How to swaddle baby?” - The list was endless.  I spent so much time researching, that I wasn’t even able to make sure that I ACTUALLY had all of the baby items that I needed.  SMH, I know, I know.

When we brought Bria home from the hospital, I realized we didn’t even have a set of baby bottles for her! I initially panicked, but shortly remembered that I received a free 4 oz. bottle that was part of a small “Welcome to Parenthood” kit.  I thought, LIFE SAVER! We then purchased a bottle kit.  Bria’s first pacifier was also part of that kit.

I share all this to say, that I’ve been there.  I know that not all parents are like me.  Some have one of every item from their local “Buy-Buy-Baby” store.  While some others may just purchase things from Amazon, or any other major retailer, and makes returns (If they can) for items they no longer want.  There are many options for parents nowadays.  I simply want to offer a great array of baby items to parents that want to save time, money and spend more quality time with their baby. 

Each box has a fun theme and the items in each box correlates to the theme and baby’s stage of development.  According to survey results, most parents felt that they pretty much got the “hang” of parenthood after the first six months.  This is the main reason why these boxes are available up to 6 months.  Some items in the boxes may be used passed this age, such as books, bibs, bowls, bottles, etc.  That is solely up to the parent’s discretion and pediatrician guidance.     

ONE MORE THING….BABY SHOWERS can be overwhelming for some people.  Have you ever been in the position where you want to give a loved one or friend a nice gift, but either it was too expensive, out of stock or you simply didn’t know what to give so you ended up putting cash in a card?

The gift of BABY STEP BABY BOX, or a subscription to BABY STEPS BABY BOX is not only affordable, but also considerate.  They will think about you and your gift each time the box arrives at their door.  I am sure you will also be one of the first to receive baby pics! 

Be sure to subscribe to stay up to date and follow us on IG @ babystepsbabybox 

Baby Steps Baby Box

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