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It takes a Village…Well how about a BOX?

Hi! My name is Francine Thompson, Founder and Creator of BabyStepsBabyBox.COM and welcome to my personal Blog; where I’ll be documenting and sharing my personal trials and triumphs into motherhood, as well as, the experiences and journeys of fellow new-found moms, and parents. My promise is to bring informative, entertaining and original content to aid, inspire and encourage today’s ever-growing community of parents and mothers.

Now, a little more about me; I am a first-time mom to my 8-month old “second joy” Bria, (more on this later); corporate accountant by trade, graduate student, and not to forget; loving wife.

Having my “second joy,” Bria, was truly a blessing for me and my family; because my first attempt at motherhood was brought to a screeching halt due to the passing of my “first joy,” Brielle, whom we lost 8 months into my pregnancy. With the continued support, and prayers of family, and friends, my husband and I were able to overcome the grief and adversity of losing our first child, and approximately 1 year from Brielle’s burial, welcomed the very center of my core - Bria.

After having my daughter Bria, I really wanted to be an S.A.H.M., but bills and reality wouldn’t allow it. When I returned to work after maternity leave, I was bombarded with new tasks and responsibilities, and, to be honest, had difficulty adjusting to the increased workload, fulfilling my motherly and companion duties, all the while easing into a new routine; not to mention, also continuing my graduate studies to complete my last semester in-order to obtain my M.B.A.

In short, I was a busy, stressed out and overwhelmed mama!

With the workload of my graduation courses piling and the daily routine of my corporate responsibilities proving more stifling, spending quality time with my husband and baby, and enjoying all of first experiences of motherhood, felt nearly impossible and more like a “grind” than the bonding experience so many moms and parents hope to capture.

Therefore, I decided that NOW was the time put my family first and pursue my true passion, thus ensuring the best possible life and opportunities for me, and my family, hence the birth of Baby Steps Baby Box.

LISTEN: being a new parent IS and CAN be overwhelming, especially for parent’s that do not have the support of family, a partner, friends and employees, and/or struggling with time and finances, all the while adjusting their lives constantly to adequately provide and care for themselves and their kin, not to exclude; the sheer abundance of baby products in today’s market, some of which may not be tailored to address your child’s specific needs, potentially harmful, and not aligned to your standards or preference in childcare.

LET’S BE REAL: childcare is not a “one size fits all” endeavor EVERY child brought into this world is unique and should be treated as such to ensure healthy and continued development. So, you are probably wondering: “Francine, what is a new parent to do?”

Baby Steps Baby Box is a subscription box service dedicated to providing parents with the essentials to ensure their baby needs are met while hopefully introducing products that make parents think, “Wow, never thought I’d need this!”

There will be a baby box dedicated for the first 6 months of your baby’s life. The items in each box will be specially handpicked based on what’s important to you, as well as the support and feedback from seasoned parents, market research, and stamp of approval from professionals in pediatric care. I chose to focus on the initial 6 months because this is a crucial time for parents to determine their baby needs and preferences. Each box is associated with a theme relevant to baby’s needs and development.

This subscription box will also include several quick tips and suggestions to help you on this new journey.

Take one baby step at a time to figure out what works for you and your little one. :-)

Graduation Day!

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